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Our story

After several travels to her husband's native country, Lucile the founder, fell in love with Morocco and with the culture.

She discovered the Moroccan beauty rituals and was amazed by the power of organic oils and waters. She brought some products back with her for her friends to try. The success was so immediate that she decided to create ELHORA in order to share the richness and beauty secrets of Moroccan natural cosmetics with the rest of the world.

ELHORA comes from El Horra which means 'Free, pure and Virtuous' in Arabic, which are three main attributes of the products.

Al Hurra is also the name of a queen of Tétouan in 1515–1542 and a pirate queen in the early 16th century. She is considered to be "one of the most important female figures of the Islamic West in the modern age". A free and independant woman.